Alexandria is a professional interspecies telepathic animal communicator and animal healer who offers consultations by direct contact or distance readings by photograph. She also conducts workshops to assist others to re-awaken their interspecies telepathic animal communication skills.


Consultations involve direct communication with an animal in response to questions asked by the animal’s guardian. Where needed, healing is offered using crystals, Australian bush flower essences, dimensional healing, Orion healing and referral to other practitioners as required.

Talking to animals about their healing is not a substitute for professional veterinary care. Animal communications do not diagnose disease or prescribe medical treatment. Animal communication helps to get important information such as where does it hurt, does food make it better or worse, do you want surgery, is it your time to depart your physical form?

Distance Readings

Distance readings are conducted by way of a photograph of the animal accompanied by a list of questions from the guardian. This is supported by general questions from Alexandria posed to open the communication and assure that the animal is comfortable, relaxed and willing to communicate.

All communication and healing is only continued with the permission of the animal and is conducted with the assistance of the divine energies of love and light of the goddess, Mother Nature, and all that is onement.

For further information regarding your animal’s consultation contact Alexandria to discuss your specific needs.