Dear Alexandria,

"I have found your workshops to be so moving and rewarding, as well as fun. Your deep respect and love for animals and all of nature make you such an inspiration to be around. Thank you for helping me to learn more about my own animal friends and having the confidence to trust what I hear."

S. Gerry, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia


Two and a half years ago my little dog, Spice, ruptured a disc in her back and both back legs were paralysed.

She underwent surgery but was still unable to walk six weeks later and vets said her chances of ever walking again were very slim.

It was at this time I found 'Critter Chatter' on the internet. Contacting Alexandria and being able to find out how Spice felt about the accident and any pain she was feeling was invaluable.

Spice started on various natural healing treatments (which are still ongoing) that have resulted in her now being able to walk. She is a happy dog and we take one day at a time in her continuing battle for a good life.

Jeanne, Kilcoy, QLD, Australia

I am very happy to highly recommend Alexandria; she is authentic and wonderful Animal communicator and person.

I have attended one of Alexandria's beginners workshops for Animal communicators, and had private consultation for one of my dogs Breeze.

Both the workshop and the private consult have really helped improve my life and relationship with all my animals.

I consider that I had a very good relationship with my animals especially with my 4 dogs prior to Alexandria, but now I have an even better one that continues to grow and even flowers.

We all just keep improving, rather than staying stagnant on a certain good level.

Breeze (dingo x greyhound), was a rescue puppy that had suffered abuse and a bad beginning to her first few months of life before I rescued her from probably certain death from a main highway; she had been a neglected camp dog pup.

Although physically she looks perfect, her mental scars are deep rooted, and she has had aggressive outbursts, fear and anxiety issues that large doses of love, and high levels positive training including behaviour modification training had only marginally improved.

The best turning point for Breeze can be attributed to Alexandria's private consult and the workshop.

The private consult gave me valuable information that I needed to understand Breeze more completely, rather than have just snippets of ideas. Her fears, her needs, and even some of her insecurities within our own home.

You can only work on fixing/changing things you understand, so some of this information was crucial in helping her heal. We would have never turned Breeze out of our home, but didn't realize she did have worries and insecurities even about this, and it was a complete surprise to me when this came out.

To rebuild an animals trust, you must ensure you do communicate clearly, nothing should be taken for granted... If this trust issue had been left unresolved this would have caused Breeze ongoing and festering anxiety...so it is very lucky Alexandria was able to get clear communication from her and also reassure her that she was safe and loved in our home and here to stay...

The beginners workshop also assisted me in communicating everything (love, what she is doing well, what needs to improve, etc) better with Breeze (and all the dogs). Sometimes prior to the workshop I think I confused my animals more often than not, the workshop sorted out these problems for me.

Although I am not great at receiving words (feelings I do receive quite well) yet, I do communicate well to Breeze (and many animals) now, and I am very thankful that I found Alexandria.

I think Breeze is a different dog now than compared to a couple of years ago prior to the consult and workshop. Breeze may still have a few little issues and she may never be an overly social dog to the outside world, but her improvement over the years has been substantial and inspiring.

I can honestly say, that Breeze is a very happy dog now, and this hasn't always been the case. Alexandria made the difference between minor improvements to the substantial ongoing improvements so I can honestly say my payments for Alexandria's help were an absolute bargain.

Thank you Alexandria!

L. Denholm, Humpty Doo, NT Australia

Hi Alexandria,

"After reading a number of books on the subject of animal communication I attended my first workshop in 2003 which helped me realise that I had been communicating with animals all my life but didn't know it.

Since then I have attended further workshops and spoken with some truly amazing animals and been awed by the profound insights I have received from them.

I feel very privileged to now call some of these animals my special friends, as I do Alexandria. I found being in the supportive environment of a workshop with like minded people very conducive to my development, as each of us contributed stories which the others related to.

Alexandria's knowledge and easy style of imparting information assisted me to get past the self doubt phase. I highly recommend her workshops as educational, fun and loving."

C. Verbeeten, Brisbane, QLD, Australia