Workshop Features

Develop an understanding and appreciation of Interspecies Telepathic Animal Communication, the mind-to-mind conversation between animals and humans, which allows animals to be heard and understood.

Examine the various reasons humans want to communicate with the animals in their care including health, behaviour, dying and death, decisions and upcoming changes or a general check-in.

Embrace being a non-resistent channel for peace and love to flow freely through you by caring for and nurturing your body, mind and spirit.

Participate in activities that expand the awareness of our known senses of sound, sight, taste, touch and smell to greater awareness so as to re-awaken innate telepathic abilities enabling you to send and receive information in the form of words, sounds, mental pictures, physical sensations or emotional feelings or in an inner intuitive sense of knowing.

Follow a guided meditation to connect to your divine inner being and the divine universal energy and intelligence of the pure consciousness of which you are.

Actively apply the guidelines and steps of directly communicating with domestic animals or native animals present at the workshop.

Undertake a distance telepathic communication with another species by attuning your focus and concentration to a photograph so as to send and receive information.

Assimilate and reinforce skills learned by practise and having FUN and partaking in regular group get togethers with others for support and validation.

Workshop Gatherings

Workshops are held with open minded people working with domestic animals and native animals present in natural settings of the bush or in a relaxed and welcoming home.

Alexandria guides interested folk on a journey of self discovery as she assists to open people’s awareness to their natural intuitive gifts of interspecies telepathic animal communication.

Being able to access these innate skills that lie dormant within every divine being can be achieved, if one is prepared to give oneself permission to do so. By attention to attuning oneself to a conscious state of awareness combined with a committed dedication to practising skills and trusting the information received by way of feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts and pictures interspecies telepathic animal communication can be experienced by all, bringing enhancement, harmony and balance to personal lives and relationships with animal friends and the divine beings of Mother Nature.